Vintage Style Removable Classic Peter Pan Collar

$ 64.00

This vintage style Classic peter pan collar model have 3 color options. For the body the primary color is black,.secondary color is mink and strap color is also mink. You can customize these 3 colors to create another color combination.

You can change the primary color ( Dominant Color ) of the model. This is the body color of the model.
Please select the the secondary color to customize the model.
Please select the strap color to customize the model.

Peter pan collars are the vintage model that can be wore with different dresses. We started to crochet different detachable crochet collar models. We use No: 30 Thread not No:10. The thinner thread than No:30 is used for micro crocheting. So these models takes time to crochet because it is crocheted with No:30 thread.

-Model Information-

Primary Color: Mink

Secondary Color: Black

Material: 100% long staple cotton crochet thread ( No: 30 )

Diameter around the neck: 48 cm – 18.9”

Width: 11,5 cm – 4.5”


We can make any customization for any model or we can even create the model in our mind or from your own drawings. Just contact us.

-Color Options-

We added many color options you can choose from. In the gallery images you can find the thread colors.


Use 30 °C hot water ( 86 °F) . After you wash the collar, iron it for the best result.


We do not use any stiffener on the model after we crochet but you can use if you want without any problem.


We fold crocheted collars couple of times to put them inside a small box in order to decrease shipment cost. You can wear it without ironing. However, ironing always gives the best results for 100% cotton products.

Weight 50 g
Thread Color


Collar Diameter

Collar Width

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Peter Pan Strap Color

Peter Pan Collar Knot Style

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