Crocheted Hand Towel With Anther Motif

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The anther leitmotif is crocheted for the towel. The decorative towel have edging work for 3 edges. Also for the bottom edge, crochet strips are crocheted side by side.

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-The Design-

We created a modern interpretation of the vintage crocheted decorative hand towel. All the edges have been crocheted.

The hanging part are generally made with the labeling but we also crocheted the hanging part at the back side for the sake of design integrity. We did not use any printed labeling.


For your specific needs, we can create custom products for you. Just contact us via product enquiry tab or this specific product.


In the package there is a mesh bag for protecting the crochets while it is being washed and you can use the towel for a long time with this file bag. The file bag is also for the protection of natural stone if there is any.

Use 40 °C hot water ( 104 °F) . After you wash the towel, iron it for the best result. The look will be perfect after ironing.

Color:  Towel Color: Cappuccino Color | Crochet Colors: Cream


The Towel Area: Height: 87 cm – 34.2 inch | Width: 47 cm – 18.5 inch

The Towel With Crochets: Height: 93.5 cm – 36.8 inch | Width: 47 cm – 18.5 inch

Note: The flowers are used in the pictures for just artistic purposes. They will not be sent. Also this is a handmade product. This towel area is the estimate size but there can be a slight difference for the final product. This difference may be 1 or 2 cm ( less than an inch ).

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 26 × 25 × 6 cm
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Towel Height

Towel Width

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