Edging Crochets

Edging crochet offers designers different possibilities by helping them with using hand made customizable crochet models in their designs. Designers can choose vast variety of crochet models based on the area of usage in their field of work. There are distinctive differences in their approach to the design between creators who design decorative pillows, a costume designers who are trying to create something new and classic or creators who design bed linings, table cloths and curtains. Our aim in this category is to offer flexibility in designs based on customer demands and help designers to create and overall we try to achieve a sustainable and universal hand made production business process.

Edging crochets can be used in textile with regard to the designers own drawings. The model can be ordered according to partite crocheted or round crocheted.

Crochets that will be used for the edges can be assembled to sleeve hem which is round and without any buttons. So when you order you should give us the hem’s diameter. You can watch this option in the video.

If you want to use the crochet for the sleeve hem with button, then you can order the model as partite crocheted.

Edging crochet can be customized in shape with three main rules while ordering. As a Whole, Partite Crocheted and Round Crocheted.

As a Whole

The model is crocheted as a whole without continuously. Model is croceted without stopping to the end.

Partite Crocheted

The Model is crocheted as your needed lenght piece by piece. For every model there is a minimum oder length. The total lenght should be the multiplies of the partite length you need.

Round Crocheted.

Rounded crocheted can be done by crocheting both edges to unite them in order to create aspherical shape. Especially using the crochet at the edge of sleeve hem to sew it easier.

Edging Crochet Order Options Video

We created a simple video for you. You have 3 options while ordering edging crochets. We simply show you these options.

Edging Crochet Order Form

Leit Motif Work

Note: When you order edging crochets and if you have a design you can share it with us by uploading the image. Apart from that, if you will use this model in a specific design elements, give us height and length and its image so we can work on different models.