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Edging works are one of the oldest knitting technique in general. It is usually used for the edges of the fabric to give a decorative look. For different variety of cloths and cover designs this technique is used. Table cover, napkin, American service fabrics are some examples this technique is used for the edges of the fabrics.

The straight crocheting for the edges of the hand made products like edging borders crochets, gives a more dynamic and fancy appearance.

We can create different models for your edging crochets and edging borders crochets by variety of edging works you need. Customization of the crochets based on any specific needs gives opportunities to the designers to apply them to the modern covers , cloths or even some accessories. We also can do these edging works for the edges of the different fabrics.

Edging works cannot be ordered as individual products. They can be ordered with such categories as Edging Crochet, Edging Borders Crochets and Motif Crochets. The minimum length you can order is determined by the minimum length you can order from the prementioned categories.

You can order the same length Edging Works for the specific product you order from Edging Crochet category. If you want the Edging Work to be crocheted for the Edging Borders Crochets’s double side ( edges ), then you will double the length when you order any Edging Works.

Apart from our different models, if you have any special Edging Work orders as an entirely new model in your mind or on the paper or a suggestion for us to create a new model, we can crochet it. This site’s purpose is to create what you need and to collaborate with designers to make their life easy in designing process.

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Leit Motif Work
Leit Motif Work

Note: When you order any motif crochets and if you have a design, you can share it with by uploading the image. Apart from that, if you will use this model in a specific design elements, give us height and length and its image samples so we can work on different models.