Return & Refund


On this page, you can find information about the return and refund policy. In our site, when you buy a product or a service you are ordering a product or a service. In our site there is not any stock of any kind. The product pictures are the real representation of your orders and they will be made by hand when you order based on the order specifications.


Because of the ordering hand made products or the wholesale nature we do not accept any returns or refunds unless the products a customer get are different from the image or damaged because of the shipment or other reasons.

The Nature of the Products

The handmade products can be slightly different than the original picture. This differences cannot be recognized mostly by the eye. In the crochet techniques, different hands kind of give different results. However, we are trying our best to standardize the crocheting process and give the specific models to the experienced hands. If there is a problem with any products, we will eliminate those products. Those will be never sent to you.

Do not forget. We want to establish a long term relationships with you. That is how a sustainable business can grow. That is why deformed or poorly crocheted products first of all will not be accepted by us.


To cancel the order we have 2 options: Full refund or Partial Refund

Full Refund

If your order is not started to be crocheted or designed, you can choose to cancel the order. In this case the money you pay for the orders and the shipment cost will be wired to you without any fees.

Partial refund

We can examine partial refunds in 2 different case:

a-) If the crochet is started before the order is canceled, the minimum length will be crocheted. In this case you may not want crocheted products to be sent to you. In this case, you will have total amount minus the cost of the crocheted products and shipment cost.

b-) If you want your minimum crocheted products, the shipment cost will be charged. In this case you will have the toal amount minus the cost of the crocheted products.

The Design Service

The service can be a design work but with a design process we will create a tangible products. This products will be shared with you.

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