Edging Borders Crochet

Edging borders can be crocheted wit hthe motifs. You can send us the motifs as drawings. Or you can send us customized design demands via the form at the end of this page.

You should specify the models’ height, its design or if it will be designed by us in the form. Before crocheting the design sent by you, we examine it and design and modelling fee is taken as down payment before we start. The design drawings and/or the real model crocheted are both shared with you by photopraphing the the model and a ruler ( cm and inch both) near by it 90° from above. We can sent you the hand made final product. Or if you like the model in the picture, you can order any lenght you need.

The crocheting starts after the payment. A web page in which you can select the length of the product will be sent to you via e-mail. You can order the crochet from this page that is created and password protected only for you. After the order is taken, the product will be sent probably before the date you specificed. If the crocheting process will be longer we share this with you. This is a hand made work after all. That is why the date you need will be examined by us before the order not to delay the shipment. Enter the data.

The Motif Design Process

Motif Çizmi


Hand Made Design Template

The design proccess start wit hthe motif drawings. If you have a design you can send us. If you do not have, we can design with anatolian style and create traditional motifs or you can demand modern designs.

After the motif design, we start sizing. The heigth of the motif and the place of the motif in edging borders crochet model is determined. The filled parts of the vertical and horizontal squares brings out the shape of the motif.

We print out the model to guide needleworker to count the lines of the motifs and to start crocheting. A printing paper is used to create scaled model.

Motif Design For The Gap Beween Leitmotif And The Edge

As a gap which is simply a grid can be crocheted between the leitmotif and edge, tiny figures can be crocheted. While these motifs can be ahead of the leitmotifs, some can be complimentary.

If you want a crochet like this, you should determine the code of the motifs when you you fill the form. If you want the space between leitmotif and edge be empty, please mark that.

Figure 01

Figure 02

Figure 03

Figure 04

Figure 05

Edging Borders Crochet Design Request Form

Leit Motif Work
The figure between leitmotif and the edge of the edging borders crochet

Note: When the motif design is crocheted, the length changes based on the shape of the motif. Generally, it is used side by side or in symmetry.  The possible shortest length is always chosen for the model.