Handmade Crocheted Bicolor Spotted Textured Body With 3 Layered Flowers And Eyeglass Strap Set

$ 60.00

Bicolor crochet case has a spotted textured body with twin tassel. Primary color is black. Secondary color and strap color is white. You can change all these 3 colors to customize the product.

You can change the primary color ( Dominant Color ) of the model. Please look at the last gallery image for the thread colors and customize your product.
Secondary color is the least used thread in terms of the area or the crochet count. You can change that as well.
Default cord size is 70 cm - ( 27,5'' )
Keep in mind that you can select different color than primary or secondary color for the cord. This is the beauty of the customization.

Bicolor crochet case has a spotted textured body with a twin tassel style. This case has the 3 layers flower design design and there are also different versions of the same body with different flowers. Please check the other variations. This set comes with the eyeglass strap set.

Important: The eyeglass strap is crocheted as 70 cm length ( 27.5 inch ) as a default value. It is mostly preferred length. We also offer 60 cm ( 23.6 inch ) and 80 cm ( 31.4 inch ).

Customization:  We can use different color combination for this model. You have to chose 2 color combination for this model. For the custom coloring for this model: You should specify the color instead of black or mink then we can crochet the model with desired colors of your choice.

We can increase or decrease the width and height for your specific needs. The increments will be in mm so specific height and width for the custom order can be crocheted.

Washing: Use 30 °C hot water ( 86 °F) . After you wash the pouch, iron it for the best result.

Color: The model is crocheted with Ecru ( Beige ) color thread. You can check the threads from the picture in image gallery and choose the colors among them.

Pouch Size:

  • Body Height: 16 cm – 6.3 inch
  • Total Height: 19 cm – 7.5 inch
  • Width: 9.5  cm – 3.7 inch

Strap Size: Default is: 70 cm – 27.5 inch

Note: The flowers are used for artistic purposes. Eyeglass and the thread balls are used for the reference. They will not be sent. Also this is a handmade product. We have our own template and crochet the model accordingly. Size difference can be +- 0.5 cm ( 0.2 inch). We shot the models with flashes and use white balance to help you see colors as much accurate as possible. However, be aware that the colors on the RGB screen may mislead you.

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 21 × 10 × 4 cm
Pouch Body Height

Pouch Total Height

Pouch Width

Pouch Set

Pouch Style

Pouch Tassel

The size

This product can be customised for your specific needs. We can create a custom crochet eyeglass/sunglass case for you. This customization depends on the texture of crocheted surface. There may be a repeated motifs of the texture. The motif’s size may be 1 cm or 1/2 inch. So the increments is supposed to be this number. However, if the size of repeated motifs in textured surface is small, then the increments allow us to be more precise or very close in length and width.

If you need any specific size, we can crochet with the height and width you need. If you want another tassel style we can crochet that as well.

Custom Coloring

The whole glass pouch bag can be crocheted with another color or just part of the pouch can be crocheted with different color. For instance you may want different coloring for the cords to tighten the edge of the case. Or we can use different colors for the tassels. Just contact us for specific orders.

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