Micro Crochet Floral Handmade Bookmark With Yellow and Pink Leaves

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It should be noted that this handmade bookmark has a sturdy stem that could be attractive to individuals who favor this kind of bookmark. All components, including the stem, are handcrafted and made of wire. You may discuss customizing options, such as stem length, flower and leaf colors, by contacting the seller

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Please note that this handmade item features a rigid stem that may appeal to those who prefer this type of bookmark. Each part is crafted by hand, including the stem which is made with wire. Customization options include stem length, flower and leaf colors, and can be discussed by contacting the seller.

Please keep in mind that colors may appear slightly different on your screen and spot cleaning the bookmark is recommended if necessary. If the bookmark becomes flattened during shipping or use, it can be reshaped by manipulating the material gently, being careful not to pull on the strings too hard. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.

For ready-to-ship items, processing time is typically 1-4 days and any delays will be communicated. The items will be sent through an intermediary firm that provides the best price for international shipments with a tracking number. However, please note that responsibility for any shipping delays or damage to items during the shipping process lies with the shipping company. Once the package has been given to the post office, there is no control.

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The height of the Flower: 2 cm
The stem: 14 cm
Total Height: 16 cm

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 3 cm
Bookmark Color

, ,

Height Of The Flower

Height Of the Stem Part

Bookmark Total Height

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