Arch Motif Crochet Bookmark With Round Tassel

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This bookmark is crocheted with 2 colors. Primary color is ecru, secondary color is white. You can customize  color combinations by your taste. This book accessory has round tassel. You can check the same model with other tassel options.

You can change the primary color ( Dominant Color ) of the model. Please look at the last gallery image for the thread colors and customize your product.
Please select the secondary color to customize the model.

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Details For The Bookmark Function

UnderSide ( Classic ) : The underside version is generally a common bookmark style which can be named as a classic style. If you read a novel for instance and put it on a table temporarily, you generally use the classical bookmark version. However, not all the books have this genre like novels. That is why we created another version which is upside one.

Upside ( For the Bookshelf ) : We created an upside version for the books that can have reference resources like a dictionary. These kinds of books are read all the time and they are not finished but rather they have encyclopedic references and you read them from time to time and shelve them. For many students and researchers while they are focusing on a subject, they read these kinds of books regularly.

While these books are on the shelf, it is logical to use the upside bookmark style. The tassel swings from the top of the book. For the aesthetic purpose, we increased the overall length of the upside version to make the tassel’s edge be closer to the middle of the book from the top.

You can find the length information as cm and inch inside the gallery images for every tassel style. There are always slight differences in length between the same models with different tassel versions.

HandMade Product Material

We use 100% long staple cotton thread to crochet. The thread is made from 100% double mercerised cotton, making it silky soft and smooth.

Washing The Bookmark

The bookmarks are washable up to 60°C / 140°F. We will send you one mesh net bag with zipper for every bookmark you order. In order to protect the tassel part, we recommend you put the bookmark inside the bag. It will protect the thinnest stem part that connects the tassel to the body.

HandMade Product Information

You should be aware that we are not creating an industrial product. There is not any assembly line so there can be slight differences for the models in terms of height and the width. If the model we crochet is not qualified for our standards and our standards are high in order to have a sustainable production, we crochet it again. We do not unravel and use the thread again because it is not straight and affects the model quality. We use a new thread. This happens rarely. We do not compromise on inferiority in design. Only after we are satisfied, we then send you the product. We will always try our best to create the best version.


We can pretty much crochet any model. You can check other models in the bookmark category. For this category, we can customize the colors as it is explained and you may want different tassels other than predefined 4 styles. You should contact us for that. We can personalize the models for your taste.


We use 2 colors: Blanc and Ecru. We did not want to use white because the midtones in white do not manifest themselves better than blanc. Because of the amount of light in the environment the white crochet reflects, the motifs are faded so the shadows are not defined enough. That is why we decided to use blanc color which is so close to white. It absorbs the light more and displays the motifs better.

Apart from these 2 colors, you may order the colors below. Before the order, you should contact us and specify the color you want. We have to check if the color you want is available or not. Keep in mind that there may be different versions of the color you want: different kinds of red and yellow etc.

Gray, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black.

Weight 61 g
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 3 cm
Bookmark Color

Bookmark Style


Tassel Style

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